Al'Gor Itam


Race: Human
Class: Fighter



Proficiency Bonus:

Saving throws:

-Animal Handling
-Sleight of Hand


Al’Gore was born in a small village in the lands of Sapluns. An ethnic minority of warrior migrants, who came to Tal’Dorei looking for peace and a simple life.

Al’Gor’s father was a hunter named Manar Itam and his mother was called Gormana Itam, he had two brothers Tar’Gor and Ol’Gor. Al’Gor’s childhood wasn’t easy at the age of 6 a band of plunderers sneaked upon his village in the still night. They killed his father in his sleep as well as many other fathers and brothers, they took Al’Gor, his mother and his two brothers captive and transfered them to their lair. Al’Gor and his family were sold into slavery and shipped of into the mountains beyond Kraghammer. There he was sold to a heretic company of people. One of the beastmasters, a name for the people who train new recruits, noticed Al’Gor’s abillities and offered him a choice to join the cult.

By the age of 12 he was trained the arts of deceptive persuasion and one handed combat. His brothers and mother weren’t of the same luck. One day the camp was attacked by a group of dwarves, half of the company was devastated and in the chaos of the battle his mother and his brother Tar’Gor were killed and his other brother Ol’Gor was mortally wounded, later that month his brother also died. With no family Al’Gor was fully inducted into the cult and his political and religous teachings began. Fueled with grief and hatred Al’Gor swore never to forgive the dwarves what they have done. By the age od 16 Al’Gor was almost ready to finish his training, the company restored their manpower and grew strong, they dispersed all over Tal’dorei, having a spy in every shadow. The Company ,now under the new leadership of a priest devoted to the ruinous powers who named himself The Prince of Madness, reformed. Military and spy branches were organised, teachings of the forbidden were taught to the chosen recruits, flocks of slaves were brought into the camp and given a choice to join The Company and a massive spy network was built all over major cities in Tal’dorei and this were ready to be set in motion once the time comes.

At the age of 22 he was sent on his first mission, bring chaos to a small island south of Stillben. It was a mission from which he was never supposed to come back and in case he somehow survives two agents were sent to stop him. The rest of the story writes itself.

Al'Gor Itam

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