Dorran Norrwyn


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Sorcerer

AC: 13

STR: 8
DEX: 10
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 18

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Saving throws:

-Animal Handling
-Sleight of Hand


Dorran Norrwyn, a half-elf born to a shady, but loving human mother and an adventurous, ambitious high elf father, grew up in the Citadel, on a small island in Tal’dorei. His mother held a high ranking in the guild of thieves called the Clasp, while his father was an elf of the world, always travelling and looking to get in trouble.

When he was only five, his father went on a journey from which he never came back. Presuming her husband was dead, Vanessa Norrwyn, mother of Dorran, completely focused on the guild and her son’s upbringing. She wanted him to grow up to be a skilled thief so he could replace her when she grew old. Unfortunately, Dorran lost his hand when he tried to pickpocket a powerful noble during a festival in the Citadel. The noble was a strict man and wanted Dorran killed, but he managed to convince the noble to take his hand instead of his head. Being a thief without a hand was no easy task, so Dorran often found himself in situations where he had to talk his way out or go in prison. Thanks to that he became a very persuasive young half-elf, but a really bad thief.

When Vanessa saw that Dorran’s destiny wasn’t with the Clasp, she suggested he should follow his father’s steps and become a wizard. Dorran agreed and started studying books his father left back home. He had a hard time with incantations and rituals, but one day he found his father’s diary. In it he found out that long ago, one of his ancestors, Taras Gold-Tongue, made a pact with a dragon Noz’dormu that he would bring many riches to him if the dragon gave a fraction of his power back. Thanks to that deal, Taras became the first sorcerer in Norrwyn family. After Dorran found out that through his blood seeped the power of mighty Noz’dormu he started taking a new approach to magic. When he started to use magic instinctively and not through learning, he found himself to be a talented young sorcerer. He even managed to form an arcane hand to replace the one he lost.

One day he told Vanessa that he is going to pursue his inborn talent and see the world. They said their goodbyes and he went to the wilderness, in pursuit of power, knowledge and adventure just like his father.

Dorran Norrwyn

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