Hanran Bronzegrip


Race: Dwarf
Class: Artificer (5)

MAX HP: 43
AC: 15

STR: 12
DEX: 10
CON: 16
INT: 17
WIS: 9
CHA: 13

Proficiency Bonus: +3

Saving throws:

-Animal Handling
-Sleight of Hand


Hanran Bronzegrip was born to a noble house in Kraghammer. Being the heir to one of the five ruling houses of Kraghammer solidified a very happy and protected childhood. Ever since he was born, he got everything he wished for, both material and emotional. He had plenty of friends, but he never realised most of them hung out with him due to his high status and vast amount of toys he possessed. He also had a sister, Olirinda, with whom he had a very normal brother-sister relationship.

His father governed in the council with an iron fist, and was rarely home due to his duties, but unlike other neglected children, Hanran wasn’t phased. His mother and babysitters were kind enough to him, and a father figure wasn’t needed. From a very young age, he had a fascination with any kind of invention, contraption and construct. Even some of the toys he received as a young boy had some intricate designs to them. On one occasion, he received a toy that had Arcana infused into it to make the toy solider march on it’s own. Since that moment, he spent his days on studying, seeking and even attempting to make magical items, or artefacts.

His father, in one of his rare visits, noticed the young dwarfs fascination and hard work put into the art, he decided it would be best if the young dwarf was to officially study such a line of work. He was sent to the Alabaster Lyceum in Emon to study among the great artificers. He excelled in his studies, but didn’t pursue his artificer career any further, returning to his hometown of Kraghammer. From there, he took some of the administrative jobs his father had, helping him out with his work. During that time, he proved to be worthy of his families name, and he reconnected with his father. In the coming years, any political decisions that his father had to make, he discussed with Hanran first, and then made it.

After some time, Hanran decided it was time for the luxury of having a bodyguard. His father suggested he went to the Carvers training grounds, to persuade one of the recruits to be his bodyguard. After arriving, he spotted a potential candidate. Hanran took interest in the skilled Kongon offering him a job as a bodyguard. At first this angered him, leading to a fight between the two. In the end, that moment happened to be the start their friendship. The fight didn’t discourage Hanrans’ interest in Kongon, who only conviced him even more to hire him, as he wanted someone with pride and a heart.

Hanran took it upon himself to help Kongons’ family out, securing his parents a good life without ever having to work again, by giving them a large sum of money and a place to live in a better home. This warmed Kongon’s stubborn heart, finally agreeing to Hanrans’ proposal. The two spent every day together, becoming best friends after some time. Kongon even met Hanrans sister, Olirinda, and they quickly fell in love. Kongon and Hanrans’ friendship was now bound in blood, as they were brothers-in-law. As the years passed, Kongon had six children with Olirinda, four sons and two daughters.

In recent times, Hanran was sent on a diplomatic trade mission with the newly ‘open to public’ Whitestone, and Kongon followed along as his bodyguard. In their travels, they met the group of misfits calling themselves the ‘Kool Kids Klub’. Hanran decided that the best way to the rumors of recent disturbances in the mines would be to send a couple of adventurers down there to investigate. They traveled with the party to Kraghammer, where they currently are.

Hanran Bronzegrip

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