Kongon Oakendelver


Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Fighter (5)

MAX HP: 43
AC: 16

STR: 17
DEX: 8
CON: 17
INT: 13
WIS: 12
CHA: 10

Proficiency Bonus: +3

Saving throws:

-Animal Handling
-Sleight of Hand


Kongon is a dwarf born in the second circle of Kraghammer, to a hardworking miner father and a waitress in the lower circle of Kraghammer. Kongon had an isolated childhood, experiencing the surface only at the age of 36. He had to help with house work the second he could stand and hold a broom, and he generally was a hardworking child, having all the best qualities a parent could expect from him. He was disciplined and respectful, while also having a life of his own, surrounded by fellow dwarves he grew up with.

Kongon exhibited a good amount of physical strength, and his father told him he’d be proud if he’d join the Carvers, the elite military guard of Kraghammer. After extensive training, he excelled in his recruitment, being hired after only two weeks of training. Although he wasn’t as charismatic, his iron will, skill with hammer and obedience lead to his quick rise among the ranks of the Carvers. During his ascension, another dwarf named Hanran took interest in the skilled Kongon, offering him a job as a bodyguard. At first this angered him, leading to a fight between the two. In the end, that moment happened to be the start their friendship. The fight didn’t discourage Hanrans’ interest in Kongon, who only conviced him even more to hire him, as he wanted someone with pride and a heart.

Hanran, which is the heir to the House Bronzegrip of Kraghammer, took it upon himself to help Kongons’ family out, securing his parents a good life without ever having to work again, by giving them a large sum of money and a place to live in a better home. This warmed Kongon’s stubborn heart, finally agreeing to Hanrans’ proposal. The two spent every day together, becoming best friends after some time. Kongon even met Hanrans sister, Olirinda, and they quickly fell in love. Kongon and Hanrans’ friendship was now bound in blood, as they were brothers-in-law. As the years passed, Kongon had six children with Olirinda, four sons and two daughters.

In recent times, Hanran was sent on a diplomatic trade mission with the newly ‘open to public’ Whitestone, and Kongon followed along as his bodyguard. In their travels, they met the group of misfits calling themselves the ‘Kool Kids Klub’. Hanran decided that the best way to the rumors of recent disturbances in the mines would be to send a couple of adventurers down there to investigate. They traveled with the party to Kraghammer, where they currently are.

Kongon Oakendelver

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