Effuderia Wolfsbane


Race: Wood Elf
Class: Druid (5)

MAX HP: 34
AC: 14

STR: 10
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 18
CHA: 8

Proficiency Bonus: +3

Saving throws:

-Animal Handling
-Sleight of Hand


Effuderia was born in the village of Bryden, located south-west of the fishing port of Stillben. She was born to two wood elves, Nymeria and Valor on the 7th of Misuthar, the day of the Challenging. Her early childhood was spent in the care of her mother, while her father worked as a woodcutter in the nearby forest along with the other villagers in Bryden. As she grew older, and no longer required to be watched, Effuderia was starting to get neglected, with her parents very busy along with the other villagers with their work and advances towards surviving each winter. She was no longer being watched by her mother, leading to her being able to run off from home while her parents were working to explore the surrounding forests which she had a huge fascination with.

During one of her explorations of the northern forest, and older, more withered tree got her attention. With the tree trunk opened up, Effuderia playfully stepped inside, and explored the large tree, eventually coming across an amulet that glowed in a green shimmer. She took the trinket and kept it with her, as she continued her exploration. She didn’t pay too much attention to the amulet afterwards, keeping it as a good luck charm. A few weeks passed, and Effuderias’ father took notice of the amulet, and questioned Effuderia about it. He didn’t give it too much thought and let her keep it. She had no idea what that revelation would later do to her.

On a sorrowful morning of her 51st birthday, she woke up to an empty house. Stepping outside, Bryden was in chaos, as people laid on the dirt paths in agony, blisters, coughing up blood and withering away in minutes. Her attention shifted as she saw her diseased father marching towards her with a pike in his hand and four men with him. “The witches’ artifact poisoned us all!” Seeing her father openly leading a march in an attempt to kill her broke her heart, and her trust. She started fleeing, running for the woods, her only safe place, running past the panic-induced fires that ate up the buildings, and the diseased stacks of corpses, one of which had her mothers face on it. In the chaos of it all, while running through the edge from the forrest, she had a glance of a vicious old man, holding a staff with a skull on top of it, with dead-pale skin and yellow eyes – Which she later found out to be Malumorax the Infectious

After half an hour of running she got away from the shouting and running of the villagers.. And she kept running, and running, and running….

The next 73 years she spent in the woods, with no company but the critters, birds and beasts inside. She learned to lie with the plants, frolick with the beasts and converse with the birds. The years lead to a lot of thinking on her part, neglecting the structure of civilisation and the heart of humanity. If family was the core of virtue, then how could her father attempt to murder her? If justice is what holds the worlds of men together, then how can such innocence be punished for it’s purity? With nobody to lead her, her mind strayed further into skepticy. Then a strange creature she hasn’t seen in a long string of years appeared during one of expeditions in the woods. Bruel Korrin was taking a scenic route through the woods on his Aramente, and he just so happened to run into Effuderia. Him being the first contact she’s had after years of isolation, she approached him with distrust and fear, but he proved to be trustworthy. He also took notice of the very amulet that got her banished, and probably saved in the first place. His druidic knowledge and studies with The Pyrah Tribe, allowed him to show Effuderia how to use the item to it’s full extent.

The artifact was infact a collection of druidic focus that allowed its wielder to learn the ways of nature without having to study it. After releasing the energy, Effuderias’ life went into another direction. The very essence of the nature and the forest suddenly jolted into her, and in that moment of clarity, she could see the energies of the Fey as it seeped through the veins and roots of the trees…

And then she opened her eyes. Bruel with her, nodding with a confident, comforting smile. He offered her to take her back to civilisation, but she initially refused, afraid of the overwhelming change to her usual way of living. After a while of convincing and comforting, she finally agreed, starting the trip to Stillben with Bruel. They didn’t have too much time to bond, as they finally arrived Stillben. Bruel had other business, but he took some time to show Effuderia how to act in the public, explaining the way social norms work, jolting back her upbringing from her elven parents. They then said their goodbyes, swearing to see each other again.

Effuderia was left alone in the stinking, rotten city of Stillben, without a clue of what to do next. The sight of the old man with the skull-decorated staff haunted her dreams, and she decided it was time to put an end to it. After hours of asking around, a shady, but confident halfling told her he had the information she needs, in exchange for some gold. Bruel left her a handful of gold coins he had with him. She offered him a few coins, and he gladly took the prize. He told her he saw the old man board a ship for the south-east island, and that she should hurry. Naive as she was, hungry for the information, the first thing she did was board the ship for the island.

After a while of pointless traveling, finding no clues of Malumorax, she came upon the village of Lusti, where she met the Kool Kids.

Effuderia Wolfsbane

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